[Trilinos-Users] Cholesky decomposition of a sparse distributed matrix

Hoemmen, Mark mhoemme at sandia.gov
Sat Dec 31 19:37:34 EST 2016

On 12/23/16, 9:55 PM, "Trilinos-Users on behalf of trilinos-users-request at trilinos.org" <trilinos-users-bounces at trilinos.org on behalf of trilinos-users-request at trilinos.org> wrote:
> And also, is a random generator for Gaussian random variables available in the Trilinos package (I tried Stokhos but I didn?t find any method for this in the doxygen page).

Teuchos::LAPACK has an interface to LAPACK routines (e.g., DLARNV) that provide normally distributed pseudorandom numbers.  Your LAPACK library must include the relevant routines (they are test routines so they may not be in all LAPACK versions).

Happy New Year everyone! :-D

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