[Trilinos-Users] Threading for incomplete LU in Ifpack2

Wen Yan wenyan4work at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 11:32:41 EST 2016

Hi Trilinos Users,

I was wondering if the RILUK and ILUT methods in Ifpack2 support
multithreading. The online doxygen webpage for Ifpack2 says " Finally,
algorithms use and produce Tpetra objects, so you can exploit Tpetra's
hybrid (MPI + threads) parallelism features without effort."

However I see that RILUK and ILUT both use only one CPU core in the
compute() phase for my test program with a sparse matrix dimension at
around 10^4~10^5. The nnz of entries per line is around 10%. I have
compiled trilinos with openmp support and enabled openmp by setting
OMP_NUM_THREADS. Multithreading is confirmed in other packages in test
programs in 'make test'.

Is it possible to activate multithreading RILUK and ILUT in Ifpack2? Or is
it possible to call SuperLU_MT or SuperLU_DIST through the Amesos2

Thank you,
Wen Yan
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