[Trilinos-Users] [EXTERNAL] problem building Intrepid2 library

Peterson, Kara J. kjpeter at sandia.gov
Mon Dec 5 17:44:27 EST 2016

Hi Jeremy,

I’m wondering now whether there is a problem with your Trilinos repository.

Looking at your cmake.out, it appears that cmake is not recognizing Intrepid2. Near the end of the file under "Manually-specified variables not used by the project” both Trilinos_ENABLE_Intrepid2 and Intrepid2_ENABLE_TESTS are listed.

Another strange thing is that the number of packages and number of SE packages are different from what I get when building Trilinos 12.10.1. In your cmake.out file it’s

-- Trilinos_NUM_PACKAGES=’57'

-- Trilinos_NUM_SE_PACKAGES=‘144'

But I see

-- Trilinos_NUM_PACKAGES=’56'

-- Trilinos_NUM_SE_PACKAGES=‘147’

Could you check and make sure that Intrepid2 is listed in /fscratch/jatempl/trilinos-12.10.1-Source/PackagesList.cmake?



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Subject: Re: [Trilinos-Users] [EXTERNAL] problem building Intrepid2 library

Hi all, my typical workflow is to blow away everything in the build directory prior to running cmake.  Just to be safe, I did that again and have attached the output and the CMakeCache.txt file.  I can see at the end of the output that cmake is aware that it is not configuring intrepid2, so I’m not going to both trying a rebuild.  I can’t see anything in the cmake file telling me why, but I’m also not a cmake expert.  I’ll try swapping out the models as suggested by Peter below next.
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