[Trilinos-Users] [EXTERNAL] problem building Intrepid2 library

Peterson, Kara J. kjpeter at sandia.gov
Mon Dec 5 11:34:43 EST 2016

Hi Jeremy,

Unfortunately, the CMakeError.log and CMakeOutput.log were not that helpful.

I was able to build on my machine with a configure script based on the one you sent and the Intrepid2 library was located as expected under "packages/intrepid2/refactor/src" .  So it seems there must be something specific to your build.

Can you give a little more information about your problem? Is the Intrepid2 library missing from the build directory or the install directory? Is there an Intrepid2 directory created under /packages in your build directory?


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Subject: Re: [EXTERNAL] [Trilinos-Users] problem building Intrepid2 library

Hi Kara, here’s all the files.
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