[Trilinos-Users] problem building Intrepid2 library

Templeton, Jeremy Alan jatempl at sandia.gov
Fri Dec 2 16:45:03 EST 2016

Hi there.  I’m trying to build the Intrepid and Intrepid2 libraries, and have the following lines in my configuration file which is calling cmake:

 -D Trilinos_ENABLE_Intrepid:BOOL=ON \
 -D Trilinos_ENABLE_Intrepid2:BOOL=ON \

However, after I build I can see that the Intrepid libraries and includes are in their appropriate places, but no Intrepid2 libraries or includes are present.  I checked the cmake logs for any errors, but none were reported.  I am running cmake on skybridge with Trilinos 12.10.1.

Jeremy A. Templeton, Ph.D.
Thermal/Fluid Sciences & Engineering
jatempl at sandia.gov<mailto:jatempl at sandia.gov>

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