[Trilinos-Users] Coupled and segregated solvers for parabolic systems

Robert Sawko RSawko at uk.ibm.com
Wed Apr 27 05:37:18 EDT 2016

Dear All,

I would like to use Trilinos to study coupling algorithms with some
fluid-structure interaction application in mind. I wanted to start with
some simple model problems and build it up. More precisely, I would like
to set up a system of two parabolic equations representing square or
even 1D concatenated domains with u1=u2 as the interface condition and
then construct a fully-coupled solver and several "segregated" solvers
for comparisons.

Later I would like to run these on Power8 machines or potentially
P8+GPUs and look at different discretisations, different time stepping
different diffusion coefficients etc., etc..

It seems that Trilinos ticks all the boxes, but it is also such an
impressively large code that I do not really know where to start. Had
a brief look yesterday at Intrepid but didn't get much done. I come to
Trilinos with OpenFOAM experience. Setting up a diffusion equation was
trivial there, but then there was not enough flexibility and no support
for coupled solvers.

I am now in process of compiling some examples and exploring them, but
if you could give me a hint on the above, that would be great.

Dr Robert Sawko
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Daresbury Laboratory
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