[Trilinos-Users] [Trilinos-Framework] [EXTERNAL] [Trilinos-developers] Upgrade minimum CMake version from 2.8.11 to 3.3.2?

CHEVALIER Cedric cedric.chevalier at cea.fr
Tue Apr 26 12:07:13 EDT 2016

By the way, if you are switching to cmake 3+, do you have any plan to 
use "modern cmake" features ?
For a code with a lot of external dependencies it can really be a major 
progress !


Otherwise I also understand the need for a 2.8.11 compliant build system.


Le 26/04/2016 17:55, Hoemmen, Mark a écrit :
> There is a risk that some developer will exercise CMake >= 3 features
> in a code path that our 2.8.11 tests won't exercise.  Very few
> Trilinos developers actually write significant chunks of CMake code,
> so it's a small risk.  Most developers just copy and paste existing
> CMake code.
> mfh

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