[Trilinos-Users] Issue with Belos' "hybrid block gmres" solver

Pate Motter Pate.Motter at Colorado.EDU
Tue Apr 19 16:32:09 EDT 2016


I am performing some tests which involve running each solver within the 
Belos package. All of these tests so far seem to be reasonable, except 
for when running "HYBRID BLOCK GMRES." It claims to converge on the 0th 
iteration in a time which is orders of magnitude faster than the other 
solvers. I have not noticed any other solvers behaving this way and was 
wondering if anyone might have a good understanding of what is going on.

It is possible that my code is doing something I am not seeing, but it 
does seem to be working just fine for the other solvers. The code can be 
viewed at 
https://gist.github.com/patemotter/fbdc0869d23cb2d6f5146033a405f0e9 if 


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