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>   9. instantiation with long and long? (Cihan Altinay)
>  10. 12.6.1 build error (Victor Eijkhout)
>Message: 9
>Date: Tue, 5 Apr 2016 17:12:26 +1000
>From: Cihan Altinay <c.altinay at uq.edu.au>
>To: "trilinos-users at trilinos.org" <trilinos-users at trilinos.org>
>Subject: [Trilinos-Users] instantiation with long and long?
>Message-ID: <5703655A.9000802 at uq.edu.au>
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>We would like to use Tpetra, Belos, Amesos2 and MueLu with both local
>index type = long and global index type = long. Unfortunately, this does
>not appear to be supported out of the box, at least I couldn't find the
>right CMake settings.
>I suppose I have to manually instantiate all the required classes with
>the appropriate types or is there another way?
>At the moment I am getting undefined symbol errors at runtime in our
>project such as (demangled):
>MueLu::TpetraOperator<double, long, long,
>Kokkos::HostSpace> >::getDomainMap() const
>Thanks for any hints!

Hi Cihan!

Thanks for trying Tpetra!  While Tpetra and its downstream packages could
easily support LocalOrdinal = long, we don't currently have a build option
for that.  This should change, though!

I have opened an issue in our Github issue tracker:


Please continue discussion there.  Thanks!


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