[Trilinos-Users] semantics of Tpetra::MultiVector::offsetView changed?

Jonas.Thies at dlr.de Jonas.Thies at dlr.de
Tue Nov 24 10:33:07 EST 2015


I’m finally taking the time to port some stuff from Trilinos 11.12 to 12.2.1 and noticed a change in behavior
Of the Tpetra MultiVectors’ offsetView function when creating “nested views”.

1.       Given a vector V1, I create a view V2 with offset imin1 (works fine in both versions)

2.       then I create a view V3 with offset imin2 of V2

In Trilinos 11.12 V3 will view rows starting at imin1+imin2 of the original V1, whereas in Trilinos 12.2.1 it seems to give
a view with offset imin2 of the original data. I think the older version is correct, or did the semantics indeed change?


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