[Trilinos-Users] Finite Element Block Vector

Danielle Catherine Maddix dcmaddix at stanford.edu
Tue Nov 17 18:47:37 EST 2015

I am working on converting the linear solver in my lab's finite element code to use trilinos. I have been using the FE objects and have created a unique blockMap. I was FEVbrMatrix for my matrix, since it consists of dof*dof blocks and FEVector for my force vector.  I have gotten the matrix to assemble the values of the ghost nodes using BeginSumIntoGlobalValues and GlobalAssemble().

However,  I am having trouble with the vector case. Since it is a block dog vector, I was using the SumIntoGlobalValue function, which is a part of the regular vector class, rather than FE vector.  So I do not think this routine will actually think to the vector Global Assembly. I see under FEVector that there is the follow routine. However, I do not know how this is compatible with the block vector case, since it only lists the GID and no blockrowoffsets. Any help or guidance would be appreciated!

Thank you,

Danielle Maddix

int Epetra_FEVector::SumIntoGlobalValues        (       int     numIDs,
                const int *     GIDs,
                const double *  values,
                int     vectorIndex = 0


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