[Trilinos-Users] Trilinos 12 - Intrepid and FEI bug fixes

Simone Rossi simone.rossi at epfl.ch
Thu May 28 14:10:59 EDT 2015

Dear all,
I updated to Trilinos 12. 
I found the following bugs while compiling with clang:

1) intrepid/test/Shared/ArrayTools/test_05.cpp
   #include <Kokkos_Core.hpp> should be removed as the test is supposed to work without KokkosCore

2) intrepid/src/Shared/MiniTensor/Intrepid_MiniTensor_Tensor.i.h:550

    give the following error
    expected a qualified name after ‘typename’ :  typename if_diff<ArrayT, T*, void>::type

   Here is again due to Kokkos: The if_diff method should be implemented only if KokkosCore is available.
   Or, at least, in intrepid/src/Shared/MiniTensor/Intrepid_MiniTensor_Definitions.h is defined only if KokkosCore is used

   You can wrap around the methods with
3) fei/test_utils/snl_fei_tester.cpp
	there are a couple of lines with
	fei::console_out() << "ERROR opening solution output file " << fileName << FEI_ENDL;
       giving the following error
	invalid operands to binary expression ('basic_ostream<char, std::__1::char_traits<char> >' and 'std::ostringstream’  (aka 'basic_ostringstream<char>'))

	You can substitute fileName with str:
	fei::console_out() << "ERROR opening solution output file " << str << FEI_ENDL;

Hope this helps,

Simone Rossi, Ph.D.
Duke University 
simone.rossi at duke.edu

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