[Trilinos-Users] Problem configuring C++ 11 on Visual Studio 12 (2013)

Bartlett, Roscoe A. bartlettra at ornl.gov
Sat May 9 20:25:01 EDT 2015

Try adding

  -DTrilinos_CXX11_FLAGS=" "

(note the single space).

We will add " " as one of the set of flags to try.


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Subject: [Trilinos-Users] Problem configuring C++ 11 on Visual Studio 12 (2013)

cmake fails at

CMake Error at cmake/tribits/core/package_arch/TribitsCXX11Support.cmake:148 (MESSAGE):^M
  Error, a set of standard compiler flags cannot be found such that this C++^M
  compiler is able to compile basic C++11 features! Please select a C++^M
  compiler (and compatible compilers for other languages) that supports^M
  C++11.  Or, if this C++ compiler does support C++11 but a special set of^M
  compiler options is needed, then set these flags using^M
  -DTrilinos_CXX11_FLAGS="<c++11-flags>".  Or, if C++11 support in this^M
  project is not needed or desired, then set -DTrilinos_ENABLE_CXX11=OFF.^M
Call Stack (most recent call first):^

But afaik, VS-12 needs no special flags.  So the logic in
TribitsCXX11Support.cmake of


will fail, as that variable should be empty for VS12.



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