[Trilinos-Users] Building Zoltan on Windows

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This has been added to the full TriBITS backlog:


But not sure when I can get to this given other priorities.

But if some wants to chip in feel free to submit a an issue ticket at:


or issue a pull request.



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Just in case my message wasn't clear, I am suggesting that the default behavior be that CMake would quit with an error, but provide, say, a second variable one could set to produce the current behavior. My predecessor spent a lot of time trying to figure out what was going on because he missed that message (or perhaps that message wasn't in earlier versions of Trilinos).


On Jun 24, 2015, at 9:41 AM, Dave Wade-Stein <dws at txcorp.com<mailto:dws at txcorp.com>> wrote:

Hi Ross,

Ah, I see

*** WARNING: User has set Trilinos_ENABLE_Zoltan=ON but the
*** package Zoltan is not supported on this platform type 'Windows'!

...but hadn't noticed that before. I am a very eager user, so I guess I will go through the logic to enable and see if I can eventually get it to build.

I would think in a case like this, the CMake should exit with a message as above, along with an addendum that says something like:

          NOTE: If you really want to try building this, set such-and-such flag to TRUE and give it a whirl.


On Jun 24, 2015, at 9:34 AM, Bartlett, Roscoe A. <bartlettra at ornl.gov<mailto:bartlettra at ornl.gov>> wrote:


It is flagged as being disabled by default on Windows in the file PackagesList.cmake with the command:


This makes the disabled by default in all logic but I think still allows you to try to enable it (in case you want to try to get it to work for some reason).

Just curious, if you grep the 'cmake' output for "Zoltan", what does it show?

I should think about how to handle situations like this.  On one hand, we don't want users like you to think that a package might be supported on a platform when it is not but we don't want to stop a very eager user who wants to try to fix a port from enabling it either.

What should the behavior be?


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Subject: [Trilinos-Users] Building Zoltan on Windows

Has anyone had success building Zoltan on Windows?

We're finding that Trilinos says it's building Zoltan, but nothing happens-no
failures, but no libraries are generated. Behavior is the same from the
packages/zoltan subdir-jom (nmake) produces a couple of lines of output
indicating that it's changing directory, but no build commands are being

I'm slugging my way through the CMakeLists.txt files, but if anyone has
already solved this issue, please let me know.

I'm using Visual Studio 2013 (VS12) and Trilinos 11.14.3.


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