[Trilinos-Users] [EXTERNAL] flatten a multivector?

Salinger, Andrew agsalin at sandia.gov
Thu Jun 4 15:57:43 EDT 2015


I think that what you are looking for is the Thyra ProductVector. This is an
abstract vector made up of sub-vectors, each with their own concrete

Irina Tezaur has recently implemented something like this with Alejandro
Mota in Albany for MultiScale coupling. If you get a copy of Albany (github)
you can look for guidance in Albany/src/LCM/SchwarzMultiscale.cpp

Irina based this on working Trilinos code, such as in Teko (and perhaps Panzer
and Thyra examples). These may be better resources -  I just happen to know
where to point you for the Multiscale use case, with the benefit that the
developers are local to you in SNL-CA.


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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [Trilinos-Users] flatten a multivector?

Hi there, I would like to flatten a multi vector such that if it has two columns it will construct a vector with one column which first contains column 1 followed by column 2 of the multi vector.  This would be handy to easily switch between segregated and monolithic solves.  Is there the capability to do this somewhere in Trilinos already?

Jeremy A. Templeton, Ph.D.
Thermal/Fluid Sciences & Engineering
jatempl at sandia.gov<mailto:jatempl at sandia.gov>

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