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Thanks for the explanation Karen,

Incidentally, I think I’ve found a bug. When the coordinate array is {{x,y,z},{x,y,z}, ….} I use

InputAdapter = new inputAdapter_t(localCount, globalIds, x, y, z, stride, stride, stride);

With stride set to 3, and x,y,z pointing to the first 3 elements of the array. The partitioning fails and the output is corrupted.

With an input of {{x,x,x…},{y,y,y…},{z,z,z…}}

And stride set to 1 with x,y,z pointing to begin, begin+localcount, begin+2*loclcount then it works fine.

Am I using the strided input syntax/format wrongly? (the input data is stored as {x,y,z}{x,y,z} so when I use this pattern it is the original data, when I use x,x,x,y,y,y,z,z,z then I make a copy and pass that in – which I’d like to avoid)



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Currently, scalar_t must be used for both weights and coordinates in Zoltan2.  This decision was made so that Zoltan2's templating would more closely match the rest of Trilinos/Tpetra.  Use of a separate zgid_t will likely be removed soon as well so that the templated types match Tpetra's.  If losing zgid_t will be harmful to you, let me know.


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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [Trilinos-Users] zoltan weights and coordinates

Am I correct in thinking that the template types declared for the vector Adaptor input to zoltan
scalar_t weights and vector element values
must be the same type for coordinates and weights.

I’d like to have a mixture of coords using double/float and the weights might even be int.

Is this supported?



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