[Trilinos-Users] patch for "regex too big"

Daniel Ibanez dan.a.ibanez at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 14:20:16 EDT 2015


I've submitted the following pull request to
the Tribits Github repository in hopes that
is the most appropriate path to take:


On Fri, Jul 17, 2015 at 11:48 AM, Daniel Ibanez <dan.a.ibanez at gmail.com>

> Hello,
> Dan Ibanez from RPI SCOREC here.
> I'd like to forward to you an issue and
> example patch which our colleagues
> at Simmetrix, Inc. discovered.
> I think this comes up when they install
> Trilinos into a directory with a very
> long absolute path.
> On the surface their solution seems reasonable;
> it can probably be molded a bit to fit into
> the overall Tribits system.
> Please let me know what you think,
> the forwarded email starts below and
> their patch is attached.
> Saurabh Tendulkar <saurabh at simmetrix.com> wrote:
> We ran into the following error while installing Albany:
> "RegularExpression::compile(): Expression too big"
> from cmake while setting RPATHs.
> From https://tribits.org/doc/TribitsBuildReference.html, the solution
> seems to be to use a short build directory. This does not really work for
> us. On looking closer, the rpaths are added together for subproducts in
> trilinos, where each path is like this:
> <install_prefix>/lib/cmake/[subproduct]/../../../lib
> i.e. about a hundred different paths (pointing to the same real path),
> which is why the RegularExpression length is exhausted.
> I added a few lines of code to TribitsProjectConfigTemplate.cmake.in to
> resolve these paths so they are unique (patch attached - there are probably
> ways to do this better). This has been done for both include and library
> dirs - only library_dirs was needed for us, but include_dirs was doing the
> same thing. This fixes the issue.
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