[Trilinos-Users] Teuchos link error with Xcode [SOLVED]

Sensei senseiwa at gmail.com
Wed Jul 15 04:44:14 EDT 2015

On 7/15/15 5:54am, Hoemmen, Mark wrote:

> Please don't write the list of Trilinos' libraries by hand.  Trilinos
> generates a list for you.  If you use a Makefile build system, take a look
> at Makefile.export.Trilinos, a file that lives in your Trilinos install
> directory.  It defines variables that list which libraries you need, and
> the order in which you need to list them.

I know, Mark, in previous projects I could use CMake and I was happy as 
a clam. Right now I need to stick with Xcode and discard CMake/Make.

The problem was solved by rebuilding Trilinos, apparently it used an old 
version of MPI and after updating OpenMPI it broke somehow.


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