[Trilinos-Users] diagonalization

임재창 ljchang94 at kaist.ac.kr
Wed Jul 15 01:52:03 EDT 2015

Dear Trilinos developers and users,

I'm using Anasazi package to diagonalize matrices with Epetra_CrsMatrix.(Eigensolver is BlockDavidson)

My problem is that diagonalization sometimes not converged.

The characteristics of the matrix  that i want to diagonalize are

1. diagonal dominent

2. symmetry

3. almost 80~90% of entries are zero

4. i want to know a few lowest eigenvalues

Are there any options which are efficient for diagonalizing these kinds of matrices ?

or any comment to set parameters such as numblocks, maxiteration, number of blocks and etc?

Best regards,

jaechang lim

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