[Trilinos-Users] [12.0.1] compiler error Amesos w Superlu_dist 4.0

Thompson, KT kgt at lanl.gov
Fri Jul 10 11:03:25 EDT 2015


When running cmake, try setting '-DHAVE_SUPERLUDIST_LUSTRUCTINIT_2ARG:BOOL=ON'


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Dear all, 

It seems Amesos can’t be compiled with Superlu_dist 4.0 due to change of functions:

/tmp/trilinos20150710-23182-ach9pf/trilinos-12.0.1-Source/packages/amesos/src/Amesos_Superludist.cpp:448:5: error: no matching function for call to 'LUstructInit'
   LUstructInit(NumGlobalRows_, NumGlobalRows_, &PrivateSuperluData_->LUstruct_);
/usr/local/opt/superlu_dist/include/superlu_dist/superlu_ddefs.h:317:16: note: candidate function not viable: requires 2 arguments, but 3 were provided
extern void    LUstructInit(const int_t, LUstruct_t *);

Are there any patches for this already?
Eric Bavier was sending some to the mailing lists, but they got scrubbed and the 
URL does not work anymore… :(

Kind regards,

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