[Trilinos-Users] Applying Anasazi::BlockKrylovSchurSolMgr

Rutherford, Joseph M jmruther at illinois.edu
Sat Dec 12 15:57:25 EST 2015

I'm having some difficulty using Anasazi to compute the smallest eigenvalues of a (non-Hermitian) complex-valued linear system.  Before addressing a general case,  I have written a simple test using two Tpetra::CrsMatrix<std::complex<float>,int,int> instances with reference data - this is a very small 4x4 dense case with reference data available.  (I can share the example code if needed.)

Unfortunately, I am having a hard time getting the SolMgr to drive the solution.  As I'm solving a reference 4x4 system with 4 nondegenerate eigenvalues, I'm fairly confident I don't have a pathological case, although it is much smaller than the usual Anasazi use case.  Could you please look at the error message reported to my console (below)?  I've not found a clearly-aligned example in the Anasazi distribution, so I'm hopeful this is just a trivial case that is easily fixed.

Sincerely yours,

Joe Rutherford

$ ./bin/test_eigensolver.exe
Running 1 test case...
unknown location(0): fatal error: in "eigensolver_dense_4x4_complex": std::invalid_argument: /home/jmruther/branches/bean/externals/trilinos/include/AnasaziBlockKrylovSchurSolMgr.hpp:344:

Throw number = 2

Throw test that evaluated to true: static_cast<ptrdiff_t>(_numBlocks)*_blockSize > MVT::GetGlobalLength(*_problem->getInitVec())

Anasazi::BlockKrylovSchurSolMgr: Potentially impossible orthogonality requests. Reduce basis size.
/home/jmruther/branches/bean/source/tests/eigensolver.cpp(57): last checkpoint: "eigensolver_dense_4x4_complex" entry.

*** 1 failure is detected in the test module "Eigensolver"

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