[Trilinos-Users] linking in MPI tracing TPL

Bartlett, Roscoe A. bartlettra at ornl.gov
Thu Dec 10 11:53:16 EST 2015

You might try unwrapping the MPI compiler wrappers using, for example, 'mpicc show' and then use raw compilers.  See "Configuring to build using raw compilers and flags/libraries" under section "5.9   Configuring with MPI support" at:


That way, you can specify exactly the libraries in that you want in the order that you want.

I have not tried this in many years but it might work.


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> Subject: [Trilinos-Users] linking in MPI tracing TPL
> I'm trying to link in a simple MPI tracing library to an app (miniPIC)  built on
> top of trilinos. I've tried a couple variations of specifying the library such as
> adding
> "-D Trilinos_EXTRA_LINK_FLAGS:STRING="path_to_library/library.a" \ " as
> the last line of my trilinos "do-donfigure" script. The subsequent
> configuration and build process proceeds without error, but after building
> miniPIC I'm not getting the trace data I'm expecting. I know there's a more
> complicated path using TPL's, etc, but I'd like to avoid that if possible.
> What's the preferred way to link in the single library to enable my desired
> effect?
> Tom Spelce
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