[Trilinos-Users] build error

David Hysom hysom1 at llnl.gov
Wed Dec 2 12:13:01 EST 2015

This is a follow-up to:


On advice of our Livermore Computing (LC) staff, I added the following to
my script:

=== start snippet
echo "running: use mvapich2-intel-2.1"
use mvapich2-intel-2.1
echo "running: which mpicxx"
which mpicxx

cmake \
=== end snippet

This produces output:

=== start snippet
running: use mvapich2-intel-2.1
Prepending: mvapich2-intel-2.1 (ok)
running: which mpicxx
-- MPI_CXX_COMPILER='mpicxx'
-- MPI_CXX_COMPILER='/usr/local/bin/mpiCC'

=== end snippet

So I'm stumped as to what's going on here; why is 'mpicxx' being discarded?

thanks, David

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