[Trilinos-Users] ForTrilinos: Problems with Epetra_Vector

Heroux, Mike MHeroux at CSBSJU.EDU
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The ForTrilinos package is not a well supported package at this time.  I don't have a good answer for you regarding your specific problem.  A big part of why ForTrilinos is not well supported is that we have had persistent portability issues with modern Fortran features.  There is some discussion of reviving the effort to develop ForTrilinos again, but nothing certain.  If you have interest in contributing to it, please let us know.



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Date: Monday, November 30, 2015 at 2:47 PM
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Subject: [Trilinos-Users] ForTrilinos: Problems with Epetra_Vector

I am having a problem with Epetra_Vectors inside of  ForTrilinos. Currently I have a parallel CFD code set up that constructs a CRS sparse A matrix and a B vector for the discretization that I am dealing with. What I would like to do is have a subroutine that I pass in the row_pointer for a A, column indices for A, and the B vector and get an X vector as an output. Initially, what I wanted to do was have A_ B_ and X_ be epetra_crsmatrix and epetra_vectors that are defined within the scope of a subroutine.

subroutine solve_problem( rowptr_A, colidx_A, values_A, values_B, values_X )
  type(Epetra_MpiComm) :: comm
  type(Epetra_Map) :: map
  type(Epetra_CrsMatrix) :: A_
  type(Epetra_Vector) :: X_,B_
  type(AztecOO) :: Solver

  comm = Epetra_MpiComm(MPI_COMM_WORLD)

  map = Epetra_Map(-1_c_int,MyGlobalCVs,1_c_int,comm)

  A_ = Epetra_CrsMatrix(FT_Epetra_DataAccess_E_Copy,map,NumNonZero)

  [... Fill A ...]


  [... solve here ...]

  call Solver%force_finalize
  call X_%force_finalize()
  call B_%force_finalize()
  call A_%force_finalize()
  call map%force_finalize()
  call comm%force_finalize()

end subroutine

When I coded this approach, it worked for my first timestep (I verified the values_X solution and it was correct)... But, for whatever reason, when the subroutine is called a second time I get random errors (mostly SIGSEGV). After some debugging, I have found that the problem lies when I call B_=Epetra_Vector(map,.true.) or any Epetra_Vector for that matter. The problem does not happen during the call however, it happens when I leave the subroutine.

I've read that the force_finalize calls are only needed with certain compilers, is this true? and do I need to call force_finalize. Second, I am using an arbitrary map for CVs that I have partitioned across multiple processors. Am I doing anything wrong with how I am declaring my map, or how I am using it? And is there any information that would be useful in figuring out why I am having issues with the Epetra Vectors. Thanks.
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