[Trilinos-Users] Unable to get started with Trilinos/Epetra

Zachi Shtain shtain at campus.technion.ac.il
Wed Aug 12 10:44:38 EDT 2015

I've recently installed the Trilinos library on my Ubuntu computer. As far as I
can tell, the installation went well, however, when I tried to run the "hello world"
example of initializing Epetra for a non-MPI code (The third code in
https://code.google.com/p/trilinos/wiki/EpetraLesson01), I received the
following errors:

*         Multiple definition of 'Epetra_Version()'

*         Undefined reference to 'Epetra_SerialComm::~Epetra_SerialComm()'

*         Undefined reference to 'Epetra_SerialComm::Epetra_SerialComm()'

Again, as far as, I can tell, I've added the include files and the libraries to the project
using the Eclipse CDT Mars version. While the last two errors might be a result of my lack
of experience with using external library in that specific IDE, the first one completely baffled me.

Any help with these problems would be most appreciated.
With Regards,
Zachi Shtain
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