[Trilinos-Users] Build for general architecture

Sergey stridder at yandex.ru
Sat Aug 1 19:46:53 EDT 2015

Hello everybody,

I am looking for a build script for trilinos for general CPU (x86 type) 
as it is not possible to know which CPU will be used to run the code. It 
is actually likely to occur that the same code will be run both on AMD 
and intel CPUs or different generations of x86 CPU in parallel.
Is there a way to build trilinos for such a case?
OS is linux, compiler is either gcc or intel.
I need to build linear solver packages from Amesos module in particular 
Will it download and install the above solvers automatically or I need 
to install them myself and provide paths to them when building trilinos?
I never installed trilinos before, hence the more details the better.
Thank you very much.

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