[Trilinos-Users] cmake error for publicTrilinos

John Eisenlohr john.eisenlohr at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 10:03:57 MDT 2014


I have been able to download the public dev version of Trilinos with git clone.
When I try to run the cmake command, I get these errors:

*** Warning: Setting Trilinos_ENABLE_PyTrilinos=OFF because BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=OFF!

--   Setting Trilinos_ENABLE_TriKota=OFF because '/home/eisenloh/software/src/publicTrilinos/packages/TriKota/Dakota' does not exit!

Reading the list of packages from /home/eisenloh/software/src/publicTrilinos/PackagesList.cmake

*** Error, the package Claps directory /home/eisenloh/software/src/publicTrilinos/packages/claps does not exist!

CMake Error at cmake/tribits/package_arch/TribitsProcessPackagesAndDirsLists.cmake:520 (MESSAGE):
  Stopping due to above error!
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  cmake/tribits/package_arch/TribitsGlobalMacros.cmake:1313 (TRIBITS_PROCESS_PACKAGES_AND_DIRS_LISTS)
  cmake/tribits/package_arch/TribitsProjectImpl.cmake:157 (TRIBITS_READ_PACKAGES_PROCESS_DEPENDENCIES_WRITE_XML)
  cmake/tribits/package_arch/TribitsProject.cmake:93 (TRIBITS_PROJECT_IMPL)
  CMakeLists.txt:92 (TRIBITS_PROJECT)

Indeed the Claps package was not downloaded, but do I need it? It seems to be an experimental package.
Can you help me get past this problem?

John E.

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