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Just a reminder that registration for the 2014 Trilinos User Group meeting closes October 17th.  If you are not a US citizen (and also not a Sandia employee or contractor) and would still like to try to attend, in addition to registering at the link below, please send me an email directly (jmwille at sandia.gov) so we can expedite the process as much as possible.

The schedule is still subject to change, but most of the talks listed on the TUG homepage at the link below have been confirmed.



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Subject: Registration open for the 2014 Trilinos User Group meeting

The Trilinos team will be hosting our annual Trilinos User Group meeting (TUG 2014) during the week of October 27, 2014.  Monday will consist of Tutorial material.  Tuesday and Wednesday will feature user-focused talks. Thursday is reserved for topics of interest to Trilinos developers. Depending on demand for session topics, the schedule may be adjusted.  A more specific schedule will be added to the website in the weeks prior to the meeting.

Registration is now open.  There is no fee to attend TUG.  We are asking participants as part of registration if they would prefer a basic or advanced tutorial.  Non-US citizens are strongly encouraged to register by September 15th to allow time for necessary paperwork. Non-US citizens who register after the 15th may still be able to attend, depending on the specific circumstances.  Registration will close on October 17th.

Registration link for users:

Registration link for developers:

TUG 2014 webpage:

Thank you for your interest in Trilinos

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