[Trilinos-Users] RCP Epetra_Vector

Bartlett, Roscoe A. bartlettra at ornl.gov
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Use the function Teuchos::rcpFromRef():


For example, if 'myVec' is an Epetra_Vector (or reference to an Epetra_Vector), use:

    const Teuchos::RCP<Epetra_Vector>  myVec_rcp = Teuchos::rcpFromRef(myVec);

(and the 'const' inside of <> if it is const).

Note that the new 'myVec_rcp' will *not* own the memory so you have to make sure that 'myVec' stays around long enough.  It is much safer to use:

    const Teuchos::RCP<Epetra_Vector> myVec_rcp(new Epetra_Vector(...));

and then replace myVec. something() with myVec_rcp->something() and 'myVec' with '*myVec_rcp' when passing to functions (i.e. like a pointer).

For issues associated with using rcpFromRef(), see the section "Converting from non-persisting to persisting references to satisfy the defined idioms" at:




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> We are having an Epetra_Vector, and we want
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> use it in LSQR.
> Is there any way to make this conversion?
> Deepak Garg and Antonella Longo
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