[Trilinos-Users] [EXTERNAL] Tpetra+Anasazi performance

David Hysom hysom1 at llnl.gov
Wed May 14 16:32:42 MDT 2014

Since we build our matrices on a single processor, I can easily
code up a 7D 3D stencil matrix.

The graph we've been using are either scale-free (Amazon co-purchase),
or random (synthetically generated on-the-fly)

On 05/14/2014 12:19 PM, Devine, Karen D wrote:
> I am curious to know whether the scaling behavior is similar for a 
> more regular matrix
> (e.g., something like a Laplace3D matrix from Galeri).
> Maybe we could scrape up some code from Galeri or Zoltan2 that we 
> could try.
> For example, 
> Trilinos/packages/zoltan2/test/helpers/UserInputForTests.hpp has 
> method buildCrsMatrix that generates Laplace3D matrices from Galeri.
> Karen
> On 5/14/14 11:36 AM, "David Hysom" <hysom1 at llnl.gov 
> <mailto:hysom1 at llnl.gov>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     Please see the attached for an example of what we're seeing for
>     strong scaling for LOBPCG+Tpetra, in a shared memory environment.
>     Bottom line is, this example shows a speedup of 3.0
>     We've run many problems with varying parameters/matrices, and
>     typically
>     only see speedups between 2.0 and 3.0
>     Is this expected? Is there anything wrt upcoming trilinos development
>     that might increase scalability?
>     Stats are for trilinos-11.6.1
>     A second question: we've tested with OpenMP, Pthreads, and TBB.
>     We always find that OpenMP gives the best results (shortest execution
>     time), although Pthreads and TBB are reasonably close. Do you know
>     of circumstances (not limited to Anasazi) where Pthreads or TBB
>     outperform OpenMP?
>     thanks, David

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