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Yes, I already have this set.  But, I feel that _WIN32 is not set (which
my intuition suggest is correct) since I am not on a WIN 32 based
computer.  I am on a Linux 64 bit cluster.  I guess I could force the
_WIN32 to be defined and see what happens.


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Please ignore my last reply.  In doing a little google searching:


http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/b0084kay.aspx lists 


_WIN32 as a predefined macro.



Try adding this to your do_configure script:



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Newbie question here: First time build of Trilinos using CMake.  


I am building Trilinos 11.4.2 on a Linux Cluster using Intel compilers;
openMPI, MKL, . . .


CMake configuration is completed, but Teuchos fails  to compile because
macro TEUCHOSCORE_LIB_DLL_EXPORT is not explicitly define.  The first
reference occurs on line 82 of Teuchos_ScalarTraits.hpp.


In looking at Teuchos_DLLExportMacro.h, I could see how this could
happen since _WIN32 probably is not defined.


Can someone suggest how I can get past this (please note that I am not
in a position to easily share files since the Linux Cluster is not on
the grid)?




Gary T. Myers

Principal Scientist

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