[Trilinos-Users] [EXTERNAL] Split Exodus II file based on blocks.

Sjaardema, Gregory D gdsjaar at sandia.gov
Fri Feb 14 07:53:55 MST 2014

You could use multiple runs of grepos.  In each run, delete all blocks
except for the blocks that you want in a specific file.

To make this a little easier, there is a "delete block all" followed by
"undelete block <id>".  This is not an automatic splitting and also note
that it works off of the block ids and not the block names.

There is no automatic "split this file into the pieces from which it was
made" application.

On 2/14/14 4:04 AM, "Afanasiev  Michael" <michael.afanasiev at erdw.ethz.ch>

>Hi everyone,
>I¹ve written a code that current uses the Ejoin utility from the SEACAS
>package to merge many exodus files into one master file, and then
>processes this master file. I¹d like to now split this modified master
>file back into the constituent blocks. Each individual file merged via
>Ejoin appears as a unique block in the master file.
>Is there a way to split Exodus files based on their internal block
>Thanks very much for any help.
>Michael Afanasiev
>Ph.D. Candidate
>Computational Seismology
>Institut für Geophysik
>ETH Zürich
>Sonneggstrasse 5, NO H 52.2
>CH-8092 Zürich
>michael.afanasiev at erdw.ethz.ch<mailto:michael.afanasiev at erdw.ethz.ch>
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