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Wed Apr 30 15:46:00 MDT 2014

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Lucie Freret <lfreret at arrow.utias.utoronto.ca> writes:

> Hello All,
> I try to apply a Trilinos preconditioner (ML) to a PETSc linear system.
> As a first test, I consider the example given in EpetraExt package:
> http://trilinos.sandia.gov/packages/docs/dev/packages/epetraext/doc/html/epetraext_petsc_cpp.html
> Unfortunately, I can't compile it and get some errors (see below).
> I have tried with both petsc-3.4.4 and petsc-3.1.3 (and trilinos 11.4)
> It is said here  
> (http://trilinos.sandia.gov/packages/docs/dev/packages/epetraext/doc/html/epetraext_petsc_interface.html) that the Epetra_PETScAIJMatrix class was first released with Trilinos 9.0 and  
> PETSc-2.3.3
> Does anyone already tried to use Petsc interface with older versions  
> (of Trilinos and/or PETSc) ?

I'm not sure I understand your situation.  You have an existing PETSc
Mat that you want to solve using ML?  I suggest configuring PETSc with
--download-ml and running with -pc_type ml.  This works with the usual
KSPSolve; you don't need to write any special code.
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