[Trilinos-Users] C++ user: Question about block arnoldi method

Chowdhary, Kenny kchowdh at sandia.gov
Fri Apr 25 13:20:12 MDT 2014

Dear user support,

I am using the Block Krylov Schur SVD example found in the Anasazi library, linked for convenience here:


I am trying to perform a weak scaling test, which fixes the amount of work done by each processor. I was unsure about how the "block size" and the "number of blocks" variables affect how much work is done by each processor. For example, in the current example, A is a 500x100 matrix. If I run this example with 5 processors, each processor will get 100 rows of A so I expect each processor to be doing the same amount of work. However, since the blockSize = 1 and numBlocks = 10, is the amount of work done by each processor really the same?

Thank you for your time and help.

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