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Pedro Rodrigues pjsgr100 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 04:25:57 MDT 2014


    I want to use the capabilities of Trilinos concerning the development
of a CFD app for chemical reactors  that uses discretization, mesh
generation and also the solvers. My idea is build the CFD models for
several reactors, solve the CFD model controlling it with some code and
after that grab the results and make it visual with graphs (2D and 3D). The
GUI app that I will build must control the numerical data the solution and
also the visualization.


On Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 8:10 AM, Aytekin Gel <aike at alpemi.com> wrote:

> Hi Pedro,
> I noticed in your e-mail that you mentioned about using Trilinos in
> chemical reactor CFD simulation.
> As my application domain is chemically reacting multiphase flow CFD
> simulations, I wanted to briefly share
> our experience although it is still work in progress. We are probably one
> of the few Trilinos users who integrated several packages within Trilinos
> framework with a Fortran 90 based CFD solver. I need to mention that this
> integration was possible due to a close collaboration with one of the
> Trilinos developers.
> It wasn't clear to me from your e-mail whether you are trying to build a
> complete CFD solver utilizing various packages from Trilinos as you were
> mentioning about discretization, mesh generation, linear and non-linear
> solvers. In our case, we had an existing Fortran based CFD code and we
> wanted to replace some of the critical components with alternatives from
> Trilinos. For this purpose, we wanted to utilize the linear equation
> solvers from Trilinos framework as our BiCGSTAB based linear equation
> solver was becoming quite difficult to maintain and non-scalable especially
> with the increasingly heterogeneous architectures utilizing many cores. So
> we decided to integrate our CFD code with ML (preconditioners) and AztecOO
> (linear equation solvers) from Trilinos framework. With the help of our
> collaborator, we were able to develop Fortran bindings specifically for our
> data structures. This interface passes the matrix and RHS to ML and AztecOO
> for linear equation solution and returns the results.
> I wanted to mention that now there appears to be ForTrilinos, which might
> be utilized instead of custom Fortran bindings. However, I don't know the
> complete details about availability of ML and AztecOO through ForTrilinos.
> ForTrilinos was not available for us when we started this effort, and also
> as far as I understand you may need to utilize specific Fortran compilers,
> which can support the advanced features in ForTrilinos. I am sure one of
> the developers might be able to address the details.
> I hope this will be useful.
> Aytekin Gel
> On Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 11:26 AM, Pedro Rodrigues <pjsgr100 at gmail.com>wrote:
>> I downloaded this huge ilibrary today and I intend to use it in  chemical
>> reactor CFD simulation. My doubt is this:
>>     - Concerning what I am purposed to build,i.e, a FORTRAN GUI with
>> Trilinos, which packages should I use concerning discretization, mesh
>> generation, linear and non linear solvers, transient solvers and also graph
>> partitioning?
>>   thanks in advance
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>> Pedro Rodrigues
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Pedro Rodrigues
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