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The code you are seeing was developed by a student working on the LifeV project.  It works well in specific contexts.  Below is his response to me, that I am forwarding to you.

I hope it is helpful.


The changes to the matrix classes in Epetra were minimal. I made them inside EPETRA_HAVE_OMP_NONASSOCIATIVE blocks, as a safety issue, but it's not really related to non associative operations.

Change number one was that for local row insertions in Epetra CrsMatrix I ensured thread safety with Openmp atomic operations. If the client calls SumIntoGlobalValues inside an Openmp parallel region, then the operation is fast and safe.

Number two is that if overlapping maps are used for the matrix (or off-process indices are discarded in the constructor) then off process contributions to the indices are completely ignored - previously, they were still collected but then discarded "at the last minute". If overlapping maps are not used, the operations are still made thread safe with an Openmp critical region, but this is not very fast.

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Dear list,

i have been looking at the code in the EpetraCRS matrix and found
the function "SumIntoGlobalValues" shall be threadsafe.

does it exist any documentation of this? any other interesting option?

thx in advance

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