[Trilinos-Users] Compilation error clang 503.0.38

Rossi Simone simone.rossi at epfl.ch
Wed Apr 9 16:17:20 MDT 2014

I'm compiling Trilinos 11.6.1 on  OS X 10.9.2 with the latest version of xcode, which comes with clang 503.0.38.
In particular when  compiling Rythmos, I get the following compilation error:

trilinos-11.6.1-Source/packages/thyra/core/src/support/operator_vector/adapter_support/Thyra_DefaultSpmdVectorSpace_def.hpp:89:17: error:

      cannot refer to class template 'rank' without a template argument list

    procRank_ = rank(*comm);


I had the same issue in older version of Trilinos 11.
I temporarily solved the compilation error by using

procRank_ = Teuchos::rank(*comm);

in Thyra_DefaultSpmdVectorSpace_def.hpp.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions.
Thank you very much,
All the best,
Simone Rossi

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