[Trilinos-Users] GMRES solver

Robert Simpson Robert.Simpson.2 at glasgow.ac.uk
Fri Sep 13 01:22:09 MDT 2013

Hi all,

This question relates to Trilinos GMRES solvers for solving the linear system of equations Ax = b.

In the code I am developing I use an algorithm called the Fast Multipole Method in tandem with the boundary element method. Using this algorithm, it is possible to generate the vector Ax (where x is the solution for the current iteration) very quickly. The algorithm never computes the matrix A explicitly.

Looking through the Trilinos class documentation, all the GMRES classes I have looked at so far require the matrix A to be passed in during construction. I know that the GMRES algorithm can be written in such a way that the vector Ax is used as an input, but I'm struggling to see if this is possible using the Trilinos library. Does this type of GMRES solver exist in Trilinos?

I believe that the GMRES algorithm is not too difficult to implement, so if all else fails, I may simply code my own solver.

Many thanks for your help.

Robert Simpson
University of Glasgow

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