[Trilinos-Users] Using SerialComm when MPI is enabled

Heroux, Mike MHeroux at csbsju.edu
Tue Sep 10 07:34:49 MDT 2013

Epetra_MpiComm can use a split comm.  You would create the MPI split comm as normal and then create the Epetra_MpiComm object by passing in the split comm to the constructor.

ML works with Belos and works with split communicators.


On Sep 10, 2013, at 7:49 AM, "Eric Marttila" <eric.marttila at thermoanalytics.com> wrote:

> Splitting the communicator sounds promising - but it looks like 
> that can only be done with a Teuchos comm.  Do you know if 
> splitting is possible with the Epetra_MpiComm that I'm using?
> --Eric
> On Tuesday, September 10, 2013 12:06:05 am C.S. Natarajan wrote:
>> Can't you comm split and run it as an mpi job with a single
>> rank in a new communicator?
>> Doing a lot of comm splits might not be a good idea but a
>> single one, I think , shouldn't be a problem?
>> C.S.N
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