[Trilinos-Users] Problem with BLAS AND LAPACK libraries

vsweta @iastate.edu vsweta at iastate.edu
Mon Oct 28 10:03:51 MDT 2013

I am trying to install Trilinos on Red Hat linux (as a prerequisite for the
Tramonto software)
Here are the configuration options I am using :

cmake \
     -DTrilinos_ENABLE_Amesos:BOOL=ON \
     -DTrilinos_ENABLE_AztecOO:BOOL=ON \
     -DTrilinos_ENABLE_Triutils:BOOL=ON \
     -DTrilinos_ENABLE_Ifpack:BOOL=ON \
     -DTrilinos_ENABLE_EpetraExt:BOOL=ON \
     -DTrilinos_ENABLE_Epetra:BOOL=ON \
     -DTrilinos_ENABLE_ML:BOOL=ON \
     -DTrilinos_ENABLE_NOX:BOOL=ON \
     -DTrilinos_ENABLE_Teuchos:BOOL=ON \
     -DTrilinos_ENABLE_TESTS:BOOL=ON \
     -DCMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS:STRING="-O5" \
     -DLAPACK_LIBRARY_NAMES:STRING="liblapack.so" \
     -DBLAS_LIBRARY_NAMES:STRING="libblas.so" \*
     -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/home/Softwares/Tri10.4 \

when I run this file, it gives me the following error :

*-- Processing enabled TPL: BLAS
--   TPL_BLAS_LIBRARIES='-lcblas;-lf77blas;-latlas;-lgfortran'
-- Processing enabled TPL: LAPACK
--   LAPACK_LIBRARY_DIRS='/usr/lib64'
--   Searching for library 'liblapack.so' ...
--     Found LAPACK TPL library: /usr/lib64/liblapack.so
CMake Error at
cmake/tribits/package_arch/TribitsTplDeclareLibraries.cmake:326 (MESSAGE):
  Could not find the LAPACK Library! Please manually set LAPACK_LIBRARY_DIRS
  and/or LAPACK_LIBRARY_NAMES or just TPL_LAPACK_LIBRARIES to point to the
  LAPACK libraries!
So essentially the library is found in the directory specified but in the
very next line of the output it cannot be traced.
What changes do I need to make to the configure file?
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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