[Trilinos-Users] Build error occurred when "RELEASE"

Fan YE yefanhust at gmail.com
Wed Oct 16 02:15:45 MDT 2013

Dear all,

I was trying to build a "RELEASE" Trilinos with MPI off and OMP on using
the intel compiler(v14.0.0). However, I was stopped always by the same
error indicating by the following lines:

(col. 14): internal error: 04010002_1670
(col. 24): internal error: 04010002_1670

I checked both hpp files, the first one is the body of a inline function,
the second is the template parallel_for of Kokkos, which itself a inline
function I suppose.

The "RELEASE" compiler options were "-O3 -DNDEBUG".
I changed it to "-O2" the error remained.
I changed it to "-O1" then the error gone.

If it were a problem of inlining how should I fix it? Otherwise, any
suggestion or comment about it?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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