[Trilinos-Users] Unstructured lattice Monte-Carlo sims

Sides, Scott Scott.Sides at nrel.gov
Mon Oct 14 15:13:57 MDT 2013

I'm new to trillinos. I've heard from colleagues that trillinos might be the way to
go for optimizing a simulation model I have in mind. The model is a coarse-grained
description of charge transport in a quantum-dot array. In general these quantum-dots
have a distribution of sizes and can have a spatially disordered arrangement. The
centers of these quantum-dots will then be located on the nodes of an unstructured
mesh. Charges hop from node to node with a given (local) transition probability that is a
complex function of particle radius, particle type, charge etc. These systems need to be large
and run on a parallel cluster using a domain decomposition paradigm. From the description
on the Trillinos website it seems like Zoltan might be a good place to start for this model.
Do any Trillinos users have experience with using Zoltan to implement this kind of off-lattice
Monte-Carlo like simulation?


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