[Trilinos-Users] [Anasazi] Is there any page to contian all parameters related to Anasazi?

Pavel Jiránek pavel.jiranek at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 08:34:44 MDT 2013


The solver managers have their parameters usually described in their
respective doxy documentation, e.g.:


Personally, I would suggest also looking to the source code for what is
actually read from the parameter list to get the full list :-)


On Mon, Oct 7, 2013 at 6:26 AM, Sunghwan Choi <iomn159753 at kaist.ac.kr>wrote:

> Hi,****
> I am newbie for Anasazi. As far as I used, Anasazi library is too slow. In
> order to make it fast, I tried to handle the parameters related to solver.
> ****
> I found some parameters by skimming examples in Anasazi homepage but I
> couldn’t find any pages which contains all possible parameters ****
> In order to find out an optimal combination, I should know all possible
> parameters and some explanations about them. ****
> ** **
> If you know the place where I can find what I want, please let me know****
> ** **
> Sunghwan Choi ****
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