[Trilinos-Users] bug in Intrepid_HGRAD_QUAD_Cn_FEMDef.hpp

Nate Roberts nate at nateroberts.com
Thu Oct 3 10:00:20 MDT 2013

Trilinos Developers,

There's a minor issue in Intrepid_HGRAD_QUAD_Cn_FEMDef.hpp, which has been present at least for the last couple releases.  Lines 384-385 read:

	    dofCoords(cur,0) = ptsx_(i);
	    dofCoords(cur,1) = ptsy_(j);

They should instead read:

	    dofCoords(cur,0) = ptsx_(i,0);
	    dofCoords(cur,1) = ptsy_(j,0);

as the FieldContainers ptsx_ and ptsy_ are 2nd-rank.  FYI.

Nate Roberts
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