[Trilinos-Users] Find multiplication of two symmetric CRS matrix with trucation.

Sunghwan Choi sunghwanchoi91 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 20 06:49:26 MST 2013


I am Sunghwan Choi. I want to multiply two symmetric matrix with truncation.

I tried MatrixMatrix::Multiply but it takes too much times. It takes more
time than diagonalization of CRSMatrix. 

I iteratively computed x_{new} = 3x^2-2x^3 with MatrixMatrix::Add and
MatrixMatrix::Multiply. After few iterations, almost all elements of matrix
is non-zero. I think that is the reason that increase the multiplication

Therefore I need to truncate very small values such as 10^-10. Is there
function to do that? 

I can program simple function but I am not good at optimization. This
function will significantly takes time in my whole program so I want to use
highly optimized one.

If someone can program the function with high optimization, please help me.
I have no experience with optimization codes but I know how optimization
deeply related to the performance.  



Sunghwan Choi

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