[Trilinos-Users] Kokkos/Tpetra tutorial/documentation

Pavel Jiránek pavel.jiranek at gmail.com
Tue Nov 5 10:48:01 MST 2013


I was wondering if I could find somewhere a detailed description of Kokkos
(and its use with Tpetra) in an online or PDF (report/presentation) form.

I'm in particular interested in the development of algorithms using MPI
combined with OpenMP (or other "types of nodes") within the Kokkos
framework (and further using Tpetra) and of course I would like to do it in
the proper way.

I remember from the last year's Trilinos meeting in Lausanne that there was
a possibility to create parallel loops using lambda functions, something

parallel_for(lower, upper, [](int i) {
    // i-dependent code

However, I could not find much about that in the Kokkos online
documentation (or I missed that somewhere). Does this possibility exist in
Kokkos/Tpetra? Next, if there was such a possibility, would, e.g., filling
a Tpetra::CrsMatrix in this way be thread-safe?

I was also wondering about some "advanced" use of X (where, e.g., X=OpenMP)
other than "simple" parallel loops. Is there some layer for such features
like locks, mutexes, etc. in Kokkos? Or if I had an implementation of some,
say, graph algorithm, which would require to use these features, should I
make a partial specialization of its implementation class for the given
node type and use, e.g., directly the OpenMP directives?

Thank you for any feedback.

Best regards,

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