[Trilinos-Users] Problem with AztecOO constructor before or after A.FillComplete()

Luca Heltai luca.heltai at gmail.com
Tue Jul 30 09:19:53 MDT 2013

Dear All, 

we are having some problems on a simple program that solves a linear system in parallel using AztecOO. Our program was modified from one of the examples, only to fill the matrix with "interesting" values, and it works fine in serial.

When running it in parallel, we get the following cryptic message:

AZ_extract_comm_info: Received elements must be stored after
                   all 726 local elements

If the AztecOO solver is initialized *before* the call to FillComplete for the matrix, then the problem goes away. That is:

AztecOO Solver(&A, &x, &b);  // Crashes


AztecOO Solver(&A, &x, &b);  // Works

Since our goal is to solve a Komplex_LinearProblem, we need to  FillComplete before defining the Linear Problem, and therefore the Solver... 

We have not been able to reproduce the error on the example, so we guess there must be something wrong with our code... 

Any idea on what the error above means?


Luca & Ivan.

Luca Heltai <luca.heltai at gmail.com>
Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati
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