[Trilinos-Users] Compatibility with Metis, ParMetis

Ramsey, James J CIV (US) james.j.ramsey14.civ at mail.mil
Fri Jul 12 06:18:48 MDT 2013

> I've tried to build Trilinos using Metis and Parmetis. I've found that several errors are generated when using newer versions of Metis. The older versions show no problem.

> What versions are supported by Trilinos? When Trilinos will become compatible with the current release of Metis?

I found that version 11.2.4 of Trilinos supports Metis 5.x, at least when compiling ML, but that just a point version earlier, 11.2.3, I had problems.This isn't surprising given the Changelog: http://trilinos.sandia.gov/changelog-11.2.html

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