[Trilinos-Users] [EXTERNAL] stk::io: write out element--process association

Nico Schlömer nico.schloemer at gmail.com
Mon Jul 1 13:07:04 MDT 2013

I'm not using epu, all of this happens in the code using stk::io magic.
Read in the file, redistribute the cells, do something, write it out.
Eric, how cna I use ParaView to visualize which file out of
output.e.{1,2,3,...} a cell belongs to?


On Mon, Jul 1, 2013 at 8:58 PM, Cyr, Eric C <eccyr at sandia.gov> wrote:

>  Greg
>  Thanks, I didn't even know you could do this. Though, how would you
> suggest doing this on the fly? If you use paraview you don't need to use
> epu?
>  Eric
>   From: <Sjaardema>, Gregory D <gdsjaar at sandia.gov>
> Date: Monday, July 1, 2013 12:56 PM
> To: Nico Schlömer <nico.schloemer at gmail.com>, "
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> Subject: Re: [Trilinos-Users] [EXTERNAL] stk::io: write out
> element--process association
>   Are you looking for a field in the combined file that shows which
> processor/file the element came from?  If so, then if you use epu to
> combine the files, you can use the option "-add_processor_id"
>  --Greg
>   From: Nico Schlömer <nico.schloemer at gmail.com>
> Date: Monday, July 1, 2013 12:45 PM
> To: "trilinos-users at software.sandia.gov" <
> trilinos-users at software.sandia.gov>
> Subject: [EXTERNAL] [Trilinos-Users] stk::io: write out element--process
> association
>   Hi all,
>  I'm using stk::io to write out mesh data to ExodusII files, one file per
> process. Is there a way to write out the info about which elements belongs
> to which process?
>  Cheers,
> Nico
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