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Works great.  Thanks.  --David

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Look for examples in Thyra of the use of the describe() function. Look it up in doxygen. It is something like:

std::cout << describe(*vec, Teuchos::VERB_EXTREME);

where vec is an RCP<VectorBase> object.

If you can't find it let me know and I will point to specific example code.


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Subject: [Trilinos-Users] Thyra -> print()?

Dear sir or madam,

using Teuchos::RCP;
typedef Thyra::MultiVectorBase<double> MV;
RCP<const MV> X_r;
//How to print X_r ?
X_r->print(std::cout);  // Thyra::MultiVectorBase<double> has no member named print

David Day

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